Shaping and Leading Change Processes

Today, more than ever, businesses are facing the need to change. Accordingly, there is an increasing demand for forward-looking education regarding the cooperation with teams and organisations that transcends the classical stock of consulting, coaching and meeting facilitation. It was before this background that the School of Facilitating was founded in 2007.

School of Facilitating
The School of Facilitating consists of a network of currently four people.  Together, we contribute our respective experiences and skills as trainers and facilitators to the modular training programme “Facilitating Change“ devised by us.
Furthermore, we offer lectures, leadership training and on-site facilitation service in businesses.

Facilitating means accompanying and shaping – often drastic – change processes within businesses and organisations. Facilitators initiate and control these processes by assuming that those concerned already have some essential knowledge about the organisation’s future. Access to this knowledge, however, is often prevented by internal barriers within the system. Facilitators work towards making this knowledge conscious and, as a result, implementable. In doing so they activate resources, enhance the organisation’s capacity for efficiency and innovation, and accelerate the change process as a whole.

Traing programme
The training programme “Facilitating Change“ follows the “Theory U“ and the concept of  “Presencing“ as devised by Otto Scharmer and his colleagues at the Leadership Lab at MIT in Boston. By way of seven modules, we provide the foundations, theoretical background and methods of facilitating change processes. Furthermore, we guide participants through an inner process of development, which is to enable them to act as competent and confident leaders in their future careers.

The individual modules are taught by different team members in order to be able to offer a variety of different perspectives. The training programme’s aim is to provide future facilitators with an individual style as well as a realistic perspective on professional application. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the training programme.

Target Group
The programme is geared towards both junior and experienced executive managers who want to enhance their expertise in initiating and accompanying change processes in order to eventually implement these facilitating skills in businesses.

All trainers at the School of Facilitating have worked with Otto Scharmer’s concepts for many years, thereby analysing how this particular approach best meets the requirements of the individual organisations they accompany as facilitators.
Over the years, thanks to our experiences as trainers, coaches and facilitators, we have come to know all function levels of businesses and organisations and are familiar with the specific requirements of industry sectors such as banking, engineering, services, administration, pharmaceutics, automotive industry and foundations.

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