Shaping Change Deliberately

Translating change into business success requires a deliberate and targeted approach. As facilitators and process facilitators, we often encounter the conflicts that tend to accompany change processes at first hand. Resistance and inner conflicts may inhibit an essential development. At the same time, each individual has their own vision of and internal knowledge about the company’s positive future.

We see it as part of our task to give these opposing tendencies a new direction: By making existing resources accessible, identifying resistance and the reasons behind it, and developing solutions to overcome obstacles in dialogue with all process participants. Pro-active information, integration of process participants, and activation of individual resources provide the basis for a readiness to embrace change throughout the company.

Our process facilitation aims to

  1. improve the company’s performance and innovation capacity,
  2. render existing potential fully accessible, and
  3. comprehensively push the change process as a whole.

We use these and other tools to realise your targets:

  • Clarifying of strategies and objectives
  • Facilitating/process facilitation (according to Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U“ and other methods)
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Project management
  • Business process improvement
  • Team workshops
Facilitating Change
Change-Tools II